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As our primary focus, GCMA aims to help clients and affiliated companies increase their reach, visibility, and create a more significant impact on their campaigns through meticulously planned media strategies. GCMA withholds bridges with countries around the world; we possess the ability to publish your content in local and international newspapers, industry magazines, online news sites, forums, review sites, blog sites, and on just about every social media platform. We provide effective news prospecting, event promotions, announcements, writing & distributing press releases, organization of press conferences, PR activities, corporate interviews, and media monitoring & reporting, just to name a few amongst the many services we offer. 



  1. Design & Development of Communications Strategies & Plans

  2. Press Release Development & Planning (B2B + B2C)

  3. Press & Media Distribution (Local, Regional, Worldwide, Online – News, Fan Pages, Bloggers, Forum Sites, Review Sites, etc.)

  4. Media Monitoring, Press & Media Valuation and Reporting

  5. Coordination of Press Conference, Media Launch and MoA Signing Ceremonies

Public Relations
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